Our Expertise


BMB arranges structures and provides capital for International Trade Finance. We specialize in invoice discounting and receivables financing. Since 2012, we have financed over $2.2 billion of commodity exports, primarily from Asia to over 50 major multi-national companies in Europe and the USA. We provide flexible and practical Islamic and traditional financing solutions to support our business partners. Our standard form documentation is clear, detailed and robust which facilitates efficient and automated funds disbursement and transaction monitoring.



The e-commerce market in the Arabian Gulf and North Africa is changing at a rapid pace. Near universal mobile broadband coverage, a young, tech-savvy and progressive population set the scene for rapid growth in the near term. After a number of false starts and failures, a new generation of well-capitalized and effectively managed, entrepreneurial local e-commerce businesses have become established and reached critical mass. As these businesses continue to develop, and as International players begin to focus on the MENA region for business growth, cross-border partnerships and alliances are inevitable. Given our deep local market knowledge and strong relationships with a number of market leaders both locally and internationally, BMB is uniquely placed to play an active role in this process.


While print and traditional broadcast media remain strong in the Arabic-speaking world, the move to the digital provision of news and content is rapidly accelerating. The fundamental population structure and pervasive mobile infrastructure make an even faster digitization of media within the region inevitable. With over 300 million Arabic speakers sharing a combined GDP approaching US $1.5 trillion (source: World Bank, July 2014), the appetite for Arabic language content is vast. Again, BMB’s local market knowledge and long-term relationships with a number of market leaders both locally and internationally, leave us uniquely placed to support our clients in this sector.


At BMB we draw on our market knowledge and expertise to offer asset management services to our clients. Our primary focus is on investment opportunities in markets and products where BMB has first-hand experience and understands the underlying risks. In areas such as Trade Finance we frequently co-invest to ensure that BMB’s risk and return parameters are aligned with those of our clients. This enables us to structure highly competitive fees and charges. We also manage funds for our clients investing in private equity and capital market products.