Rights Issue

Subscription results for the Rights Privileged Offering of new Shares in Bahrain Middle East Bank B.S.C.


Bahrain Middle East Bank announces the extension of the Subscription Period

Bahrain Middle East Bank B.S.C. announces the extension of the Subscription Period that has commenced on 3/12/2017 to close on 25/12/2017. The original closing date was 19/12/2017.


Bahrain Middle East Bank announces a Rights Offering to its Shareholders

The Board of Directors of BMB invites all existing Shareholders registered in the Bank’s Ordinary Share Register on the Record Date to apply to subscribe for up to 242,003,326 Ordinary Shares at an Offer Price of USD 0.25 each with Nominal Value of USD 0.25 per share based on a rights privileged subscription. Application Forms will be available at the designated branch of the Receiving Bank and the Issuer. The Offering will open for subscription on 3/12/2017 and will close on 19/12/2017. Please click here for the Summary of the Offering Circular English / Arabic

Rights Issue Documents