Shareholder Information & Corporate Governance

Corporate Info

In conducting our business activities, we are committed to a culture of ethical behaviour and corporate governance grounded in our own values as well as local laws and regulations.To ensure appropriate behaviour, BMB’s Board of Directors – in conjunction with the Bank’s management – has established a comprehensive corporate governance framework as described below.

Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

These codes are the foundation for BMB’s corporate governance. As such, they apply to members of the Board as well as the Bank’s staff.

The Code of Conduct provides detailed guidance. Since no Code of Conduct can cover every potential situation, BMB has adopted a Code of Ethics. This Code sets forth the spirit or principles on which the Code of Conduct is based and can therefore be used to determine proper behaviour for specific situations not covered in the Code of Conduct.

Corporate Governance Framework

BMB’s Board has approved a series of charters and other documents which set forth in detail BMB’s corporate governance principles, procedures and mechanisms:

  • Corporate Governance Policies and Procedures
  • Charter of the Board of Directors
  • Directors’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • Charter of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Charter of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Disclosure Policy and Procedures

The Board has also approved a Charter of the Chairman of the Board, Charter of the Chief Executive and specific Roles & Responsibilities documents for each member of the senior management – click here for details.

Shareholder Info

Annual Ordinary General Meeting

We would like to bring to your kind attention that the  “Annual Ordinary General Meeting” of the Shareholders of the Bank will be held at, The Bahrain Conference Centre, The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bahrain on Thursday, 16 February 2017 at 10:00AM.

We look forward to welcome you at this meeting and have the pleasure of your presence.

Corporate Governance 

As of 31-December-2016