Trade Finance

Export factoring and Letters of credit globally serve internationally active importers and exporters as standardized, secure payment agreements. The processing of this type of payment is subject to “Uniform Customs and Practices for Letters of Credit” (ERA) and guarantees a reliable execution of all transactions.

BMB acts as a reliable partner for all participants and guarantees the success of transactions up to sums of several hundred million US Dollars. We provide immediate cash against the export / import invoices. In addition to this, BMB also provides credit insurance coverage for your export invoices. BMB is associated with rated international credit insurance companies.

Our expert team members talk through your requirements, without obligation and identify your needs, provide a detailed explanation about the way the facility works, then finally they give you a fair indication of funding terms and costs.

The following are some of the products & services offered under Trade Finance:

  • Export Factoring
  • Opening of Letters of Credit.
  • Advising, Confirming and Refinancing of Letter of Credit.
  • Discounting of trade related commercial papers.
  • Issuing of Letter of Guarantees.

For inquires or more information on any of our Trade Finance products and services, please contact us on: