BMB sponsors Tennis training in partnership with JC’s Tennis Academy 9th June 2014News

9 June 2014

JC’s Tennis Academy in collaboration with the BMB Bank select students on Tennis Scholarship to train with JC’s for up to a year

The BMB Bank and JC’s Tennis Academy announced a strategic partnership that will bolster the training and support opportunities with an interest in tennis to 6 lucky winners from the JC’s Talent ID competition held in Government schools which was commissioned by the Ministry Of Education in April. Children were put through exercises to test their athletic ability and out of the 100 or so kids that took part, only 6 made it. The 6 kids who made it through were Fatima Rashid, Moza Ghazi, Ahmed Ali, Jaber Abdulaal, Haneen Anwar and Mazin Mohammed.

“We are very excited to work with the JC’s Tennis Academy to get even more Bahraini kids the best possible training at Bahrain’s Number 1 Tennis Academy”, said BMB’s Ritchie Skelding. JC’s CEO, Henriques explained that “This relationship will help both groups identify and assist those young people who really want to excel in the game, but who may not be given the chance because they don’t have the resources, and those resources are what our Academy is all about.”

“Hussain Kadhem JC’s MD continued, “JC’s has always been about giving our youth the opportunity to use the lessons of tennis to excel in life, and we believe that this partnership will give more young people this chance,”.

The partnership will give participants added instruction, court time and evaluation at JC’s Tennis Academy, under the combined tutelage of JC’s International Team of Coaches. The JC’s Tennis Academy will also identify and select a number of the players to attend a second session with more funding which will begin this fall.

As part of the Bahrain Tennis Federations Tennis Blueprint, Both Fuad Almowie and Muhammed Sanad congratulated this cause and hope that one day the kids would be good enough to play for the Bahrain National Team.

It is hoped that a second national ID program will run in October 2014 with 6 more kids showing athletic talent to join the national ID program.

With special thanks to supporters of the program: BMB Bank, AM Yateem Brothers and Haraka.

For more information on the JC’s Tennis Academy please contact
or 39979717.

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