SWIFT’s KYC Registry

8 September 2015

In order to simplify the process of exchanging due diligence information between counterparties, SWIFT launched the KYC (Know Your Customer) Registry; a global platform to centrally and securely store qualified core documents and data points tracking 130 areas to streamline on-boarding and reviewing correspondent banking relationships.

BMB Investment Bank is the first Bank in Bahrain to fully publish its data and documents on the registry enabling its partners to save time and effort while evaluating their records on the Bank while ensuring that the data is qualified by an independent third party.

Available data on the registry comprises of:

  • Full customer identification
  • Ownership and management details
  • Business and Client base information
  • Compliance and Money Laundry
  • Tax
  • For further information on SWIFT’s KYC Registry, please refer to https://complianceservices.swift.com/kyc-registry